Costless Creatives

iOS Apps


Mega Jump

  • What it is: a “jump” game akin to Doodle Jump
  • What it features: addictive gameplay with items, boosts, upgrades, different characters, and achievements and leaderboards with Openfeint
  • Why it’s creative: takes a simple formula and provides endless gameplay with many different features
  • Downsides: annoying music



  • What it is: an old-school 2D shoot-’em-up, akin to Space Invaders
  • What it features: 20 levels, weapon upgrades, bosses, items and Game Center (Leaderboards + achievements)
  • Why it’s creative: made up of vector-style graphics and classic arcade gameplay, in the sea of realistic 3D shooters of today’s time
  • Downsides: short



  • What it is: a puzzle game based on forming constellations
  • What it features: 90 levels of addictive puzzles, which the option to purchase more
  • Why it’s creative: twist, turn and rotate stars to form constellations; half of the fun is figuring out what the object is
  • Downsides: long initial load time, ads