Beginner’s Guide (Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning)

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is an open-world, non-linear Western action-RPG. While the main mechanics of the game are relatively simple to understand, here are a few tips to get started on the game and make sure you get the best experience possible.


  1. Choosing Your Difficulty
    Reckoning is a pretty easy game. My skill level is about average to good, and I am currently playing the game on hard, out of the three difficulty levels (easy, medium and hard). I do have some problems every once in awhile, but for the most part, I haven’t died all too much. If you’re brand new to action RPGs, then obviously easy or medium would be your best bet. However, I would recommend starting on hard regardless of your skill level if you’re familiar with the gameplay mechanics of an action game. Completing the game on hard assures you the best challenge (though the game is often criticized for its low challenge level) and you will also receive a trophy or achievement for completing the game on this difficulty.
  2. Saving Your Game
    This game uses an auto-save feature. It saves whenever you enter a new area, such as entering a town or dungeon, and also when you find certain items or locations. As usual, there is a warning not to turn off your console while the game is saving. This is represented as a swirling red circle.
  3. Lockpicking
    Lockpicking is a huge part of the game; most of the treasure chests you find are locked. There are many different skills that you can upgrade whenever you level up, but I would highly recommend increasing your lockpicking skills first as it will make it easier to collect items.
  4. Know Your Weapons
    There are many weapons, including primary and secondary, meaning you can use two weapons at a time. These include might weapons (longswords, greatswords, hammers), sorcery weapons (staves, scepters, chakrams) and finesse weapons (faeblades, daggers, longbows). When you level up you receive 3 points to increase your proficiency with weapons and learn abilities, both passive and active. Experiment with different weapons and find which ones you prefer. Once you level up, use your points to increase damage and learn moves with specific weapons.
  5. Special Deliveries
    In the Gorhart Village (one of the first towns in the game) is a “special delivery” chest which holds unique items. There are three ways to earn these:

    1. Play the demo
    2. Play the Mass Effect 3 demo
    3. Purchase the DLC items
  6. Inventory and Backpacks
    There is an inventory limit that fills up fast. It starts with 70 items and increases by 10 with each backpack you purchase, with a total of 5 in the game. Before entering a new dungeon, always sell unwanted loot so you will have room to collect. The backpacks can be found in these locations:

    1. Dalentarth – Gorhart , Odarath – Rikka Egest in The Corner Shop
    2. Dalentarth – City of Ysa, The Sidhe – Riona Helt in Asker’s Alley.
    3. Plains of Erathell – Rathir’s Upper City – Wil Donall in Scholia Arcana academy.
    4. Detyre – Adessa – Domus Politica merchant (Senecer Macit)
    5. Klurikon – Mel Senshir – Illyn Doldran
  7. Fencing Items
    You can commit crimes in this game — assault, murder, resisting arrest and theft. Stealing items and pickpocketing people is a great way to score extra loot and sometimes required for quests.  Regular merchants will not purchase stolen items, which means you will need to find a “fence”, a traveler that will not ask questions about your loot. These traders can only be found in certain camps: the Sun Camp, Moon Camp, Star Camp and Ansilla Camp. The first one, Star Camp, can be found in Dalentarth.
  8. Other Tips
    1. Items – Certain items can increase your armor, strength, mana, HP and skill levels, among many more.
    2. Fast Travel – By pressing select, you can see a map of the entire game, including places you have visited and places that have been added to your map from quests. You can only fast travel to locations you have reached by foot. Sometimes it is hard to see where you are on the map, so I found a trick that if you open up the map and close it real quick, repeatedly, it will start out black before the map itself is actually loaded. This will make it easier to see where you are or where you need to go.
    3. Experiment and explore – You earn XP from finding new locations and finding lorestones, and unlocking chests from lockpicking and dispelling.