Stampede Run – Tips

Stampede Run has been removed from all app stores. This page will remain up for archival purposes.


Stampede Run is a 3D endless runner game (akin to Subway Surfers and Temple Run) for iOS devices. Developed by Zynga, it features the same match-making and (friendly) competitive features seen in Words with Friends, Hanging with Friends, and other …with Friends games (The original title of the game was Running with Friends. It was later updated with a single player mode and was renamed, however, it still retains the same online mode).The point of the game is to obtain the highest score you can. The single player mode works the same way, except you collect coins instead of stars, and it has its own upgrade system.


How Scoring Works
You’re in Spain and it’s the Running of the Bulls! Race against other players and dodge bulls and obstacles to gain a high score. Scoring is made up of two parts: your distance (in meters) and your stars. Stars are earned by collecting them while running, for smashing certain objects, reaching a distance milestone, and more. At the end of the round (when you get caught by the main bull that’s chasing you) your total meters and stars are added together to create your final score.


Leveling Up and Boosts
Earn XP by running against your friends. You get an XP bonus for each round you play, with a total of 3 rounds until the game is completed. Leveling up rewards you with gems which are used for activating boosts, buying new characters, and currency to keep you going once you get caught by the bull (can only be used two times per round, the first time 100 then 150 gems) There are also letter tokens that spell out a word that you can collect for another gem bonus. These word tokens look like the letter tiles in Words with Friends. Before you start a round, you have a chance to activate boosts by spending 100 gems on the slot reel. These bonuses are random, but provide you with helpful tools such as doubling the amount of stars you get for breaking barrels, to making your magnet last longer. These bonuses can also be upgraded with more gems.


Stars from Obstacles
Slide into other runners for 10 stars. You can also bump into them from the side, but if you don’t slide, though, you’ll stumble. Also, always break boxes, barrels, and haystacks, even if there are stars going over it. Every obstacle is worth 10 stars (excluding cones and police roadblock signs), so you get more out of it rather than just the stars themselves. Also look out for red stars and blue pouches with a star on it. The red stars reward you with a random amount, and the pouches give you 30 stars!


Bouncing Off Bulls
You can jump onto the bulls and bounce off for +10 stars. Bounce off them consecutively for more. It basically works like a combo; the first bull rewards you 10 stars, then 20, 30, etc. It only works on the bulls running forwards, not the ones running towards you. You can bounce off them, too, but you’re not rewarded any stars.


Riding the Bull
In the game you are constantly chased by a bull, but if you see the special bull token, you can jump into the air and land on it. Riding the bull makes you invincible for a short period of time, so continue to smash all of the barrels and other obstacles that you can, while collecting the scattered stars, as well. This token appears randomly, but it’s hard to miss as the token itself is very large. At the end of every ride is a giant star. It’s not easy to miss, but it is still possible to run past it, so be sure to catch it, as it will reward you with 1,000 stars in your total star count!


Look for shortcuts on the side, marked with a blue sign and white arrow (these paths can appear on both the left and right side). You’ll enter a narrow alley on one track (meaning you can’t switch side to side). It’s tougher to navigate, but there are a lot more stars to collect, and most of them have two mega stars (at least one) which are worth a thousand stars each! You are still being chased by the bull, though, meaning you have to avoid obstacles as usual.


Obtaining Mega Stars
As well as riding the bull and taking shortcuts, you can obtain the mega stars randomly placed out in the open. Usually these are in high places, meaning you have to make a well-timed jump onto a bull’s back so that you may bounce up into the air and catch it.