Review System

I have a very simple review system, but I have two types, one for mobile games, and one for console and handheld games, but each have their own rules as well. It is also important to note that just because one game has a higher score than another, it doesn’t automatically mean that game is better. Games are rated not just on a fun factor, but also a technical scale. Two more important factors in grading are the genre of the game and the system it is on. For example, achieving a perfect score on a mobile game is much easier to achieve than one on a console. Mobile games are mainly intended to be short but fun entertainment. This means that just because an iPhone game gets a perfect score, it doesn’t mean it’s better than a PlayStation 3 game that gets a 9 out of 10.


Console and Handheld

Any console game before the Nintendo 64/PlayStation 1 era, and any handheld game before the Nintendo DS/PlayStation Portable era are rated a score “out of 5”. Any newer games are rated “out of 10”. The “out of 5” scores are in 1.0 increments, and the “out of 10” scores are in .5 increments. Each game reviewed will have a pros and cons list. These games are rated differently due to the advancements of technology and more in-depth game design.



All mobile games are scored “out of 5” with 1.0 increments. Most of these reviews do not have a pros and cons list, as they are shorter and less in-depth than most other games previously mentioned.



Here is a quick review on what the numbers actually mean.

  • 10 – Masterpiece (purchase immediately)
  • 9 – Amazing (purchase immediately)
  • 8 – Great (purchase if you are a fan of the series or genre)
  • 7 – Good (worth a purchase, but would be best rented first)
  • 6 – Okay (worth a rental if you are a fan of the series or genre)
  • 5 – Bad (try it, but don’t pay money for it)
  • 4 – Awful (only consider trying it if you are a die-hard fan of the series or genre)
  • 3 – Terrible (there may be one little thing you might like, but do a lot of research first)
  • 2 – Disgusting (this is getting really bad, maybe only buy it used for $2 if you just want it in your collection)
  • 1 – Waste of life, talent, money, anything positive (just don’t)