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Battle system

Terminology mostly used for RPGs. How you fight and defeat enemies in a game.


“Computer Graphics.” The high-resolution, pre-rendered graphics of a game.


How a game plays in terms of control, response and creativity.

High-polygon model

A higher count of polygons that has a smoother look to the model.

Low-polygon model

A lower count of polygons that has a rougher look to the model.


The 2-dimensional graphics of  game.


The 3-dimensional graphics of a game.


The plot; how the story evolves.


A guide for a game that helps you accomplish tasks, such as the main story and sidequests/collectibles.



A game solely based on elements of action.
Example: Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks
Sub-genres: Beat-’em-up/brawler, hack ‘n’ slash


A game solely based on elements of exploring, and/or collecting items and so forth.
Example: Sam & Max series

Action adventure

A game that combines elements of platforming, exploring and intense fighting.
Example: God of War series

Card/card battle

A game that features cards as a way to fight/play.
Example: Yu-Gi-Oh! series


A game that features elements of one-on-one combat, multiplayer and/or online and more.
Example: Mortal Kombat series


A game that features mini-games/peripherals and various multiplayer options.
Example: Mario Party series


A game that features running, jumping, climbing and more.
Example: Super Mario series


A game that requires thinking to accomplish a pattern of building or destroying objects, or making progress.
Example: Tetris


A game that features the racing of cars, people, etc.
Example: Need for Speed series
Sub-genres: Arcade racing (F-Zero series), kart racing (Mario Kart series), sim racing (Gran Turismo series)


“Role-playing game.” A game that features battling, shopping, exploring, a leveling-up system and more.
Heavily based on the story-line and the developing of characters.
Example: Final Fantasyseries

A game that requires the player to keep in rhythm with a song in order to complete a level or a task.
Usually consists of timed button sequences.
Example: Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution series


A game that simulates real-life amusements.
Example: The Sims series


Games that feature simulation versions of sports.
Example: Madden series
Sub-genres: Arcade (Mario Golf series) Realistic simulation (NFL/NBA etc. series)


A game that requires tactical thinking and is usually presented in a turn-based or top-down perspective,
most commonly seen with a group of characters (or units) to control.
Example: Age of Empires series
Sub-genres: Real-time strategy, turn-based strategy


“Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.”
An RPG with online capabilities, allowing players to play and interact with others around the world.
(Requires an internet connection to play)
Example: World of Warcraft
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