Bad Box Art: Irritating Stick


Not only is this a strange name, it’s just a strange cover. The game itself is pretty simple: you control the stick through a maze and try not to hit the edges or your stick will explode because apparently the maze is made up of an electric fence. The stick itself isn’t really irritating so I’m not sure about how it was named. This game is based off a Japanese game show, so that might explain this a little better. The show is a mouthful: Ucchan Nanchan no Hon? no Challenger: Kore ga Dekitara 100 Man En, or Ucchan Nanchan’s Challengers of Fire: 1,000,000 Yen If You Can Do This. The game received negative reviews, only receiving a lovely 39% on GameRankings.


(Also to note: I’m going to try to not make any innuendoes about shaking sticks, but I don’t promise a thing.)


To be fair, this isn’t the worst looking cover I’ve seen, it’s just so bland and doesn’t really represent the game itself. For starters, it’s all bright and colorful, when the game itself is pretty dull. Also, I don’t know why it has Atari Jaguar graphics for the arms. The PlayStation is more than powerful enough to create better graphics. Take Bubsy 3D for example.


Scratch that, don’t ever use Bubsy 3D for an example for anything. Interesting to note, Bubsy 3D actually has a higher score at 50.90%! But is the game really that bad? Well, they say not to judge a book by its cover, but does that really apply to video games? Probably, but for the sake of the joke, I’m just going to make fun of the cover and say the game is as bad as the box art.


The game was published by Jaleco Entertainment (now defunct) who also developed Trailer Park Tycoon. Maybe that explains a lot. Well, I’m now going to shake my stick.



November 19, 2017 |