My site gives a more personal and intimate take on video games, as it’s run by a single person and not a large company such as GameSpot or IGN. Content runs from professional to personal—while I try to conduct pages in a professional manner, I also use content to express my own personality and share the experiences that I’ve had.


All Gaming Horizons
Gamer Sage covers all topics when it comes to digital gaming: console games, handheld, social, Facebook, Flash, and mobile games. No type of device is turned away when it comes to playing games.


To turn casual gamers into more interested and aware gamers. This site is also a means of communicating with those that don’t know much about video games and would like to get interested or informed (example: parents buying for their kids).


My name is Alex, but I’m also known by other aliases, such as Gamer Sage, Fantasy Dragon, and alexxx. I’m 22 (April 9th, 1992) and have lived in Texas all my life. I’ve always been interested in video games and I can remember being as young as four, playing my older siblings’ Super Nintendo. Mortal Kombat and Goof Troop were my favorite games—yes, Mortal Kombat. I grew up mainly playing Game Boy/Color/Advance games, but it wasn’t until I was in sixth grade that I was really impacted. Playing a game wasn’t just a hobby or something to do when I was bored; it was fascinating and captivating. It was an experience, something new. It’s a feeling that can’t fully be described, and it’s a feeling that you can only get by playing a game. Sometimes, it’s better than reality, but I know how to separate the two, and that’s the most important thing to understand when you play games.


Gaming Preferences
Favorite game: Final Fantasy X
Favorite console: Super Nintendo, PlayStation 2
Favorite handheld: PlayStation Portable and Vita, Game Boy Advance


If you would like to suggest, comment, or ask something, then feel free to e-mail me: alex AT gamersage.net

August 10, 2011 |