Personal Résumé

Experience in Customer Service

Brookshire Brothers Grocery (Rusk, TX)  July 2nd, 2008 — December 2008


  • Bag groceries and carry them out to customer’s vehicle
  • At times, gather trash around the store property and empty garbage into compactor
  • Upon closing, clean outside perimeter and gas station; clean inside and face items, with other jobs/tasks done upon request by manager or supervisor


  • Scanning customer’s items, at times bagging them, and handling money, including cash, debit/credit cards, checks, and food stamps
  • At times resolving issues between customers. Example: disputes over the pricing of an item
  • At end of shift, count and organize all money, checks, and receipts in till to match total sales on own account

Gas attendant

  • Handle money, including cash, debit/credit cards, and checks
  • Open pumps to customers for use


Etech RMS, Inc. [Now Etech Global Services] (Rusk, TX)  August 2010 — June 6th, 2011

Online Chat Representative

  • Take multiple inbound chats with prospective customers and explain type of service or product offered
  • Communicate with current and prospective customers to give information and answer questions regarding current promotions and new or upgraded products
  • Quote prices and encourage customers to purchase
  • Follow up with customers to assure satisfaction, respond to queries, solicit further sales and solve or refer problems
  • Be open and responsive to consistent coaching, take an active role in performance planning and goal setting


Goodwill Industries (Jacksonville, TX)  October 17th, 2014 — August 8th, 2015

Secondary donations handler

  • Greet customers, unload donations from customer cars, bring the items in and sort them
  • Offer and fill out receipts
  • Fill in for main donations handler when he is unavailable


  • Organize and price items (responsible for household items, electronics, furniture)
  • Test electronics
  • Move in furniture and other large items (including TVs, couches, dressers, etc.)
  • Help load furniture and other large items into customer vehicles
  • Setup and move out gaylords
  • Operate palette jack, hand trucks, and flatbed dolly
  • Help unload company trucks
  • Break down boxes to recycle (including cardboard, electronics, and plastics)
  • Empty trash cans


Convergys (Jacksonville, TX)  September 21st 2015 — November 4th, 2015

Customer Service Representative

  • Take inbound calls from Medicare members
  • Take inbound calls from providers on behalf of members
  • Greet members kindly
  • Apply HIPAA guidelines
  • Make outbound calls to providers if necessary

Online Endeavors

  • News poster (2007) for Moogle’s Page

    • Report on current news
    • Write reviews
  • Global site moderator (2008 — 2009) for HEXRPG

    • Edit, delete inappropriate posts, profiles
    • Temporarily ban users for violations
    • Analyze and handle reports of inappropriate posts, profiles
  • Forum admin (2008 — 2013) for HEXRPG

    • Edit, delete inappropriate posts
    • Maintain FAQ for certain site features
  • Founder, main admin, content editor (April 8th, 2008 — present) for Wiki-182

    • Maintain users, site, layout
    • Create and edit pages
  • Founder, main admin, content editor (November 20th, 2012 — present) for Close to Home Wiki
    • Maintain users, site , layout
    • Create and edit pages
  • Founder, main admin, content editor (July 11th, 2013 — present) for The Used Wiki

    • Maintain users, site, layout
    • Create and edit pages
  • Founder, webmaster, content writer (2011 — present) for Gamer Sage



Rusk High School (Rusk, TX) August 2006 — July 2010

  • High school diploma
  • President’s Award for Educational Excellence
  • 2 years of Business Computer Information Systems (BCIS I, II)
  • 1 year of webmastering
  • 1 year of yearbook
    • Create and edit pages and layouts



  • Typing, average of 90-95 WPM
  • Customer service
  • Handling money
  • Basic HTML
  • Amateur journalism