Postcards (Kingdom Hearts)

This is a Traverse Town sidequest. You can find 6 of these postcards on your first visit, and all are obtainable by the time Geppetto’s house appears in the First District (after completing Monstro).


Item Shop: Attack the fan.
Accessory Shop: On the roof.
Second District: On the “Boots and Shoes” display.
Item Shop: Use the blue trinity in front.
First District: Open blue safe behind the Accessory Shop after meeting Leon.
6 & 7
Third District: Cast Thunder on the exposed wires.
Gizmo Shop: Step on the 3 buttons scattered on top. Examine the clock near the middle.
Second District: After defeating the Guard Armor, climb the ladder outside of the Gizmo Shop.
While jumping rooftops, look for an entrance to the Third District. Examine the postcard in the corner.
Accessory Shop: Use the Green Trinity Mark, then check the piece of paper on the wall inside the Item Workshop.
Geppetto’s House: Examine the small pot on the left wall