Dino City (Visualization: Bad Box Art)


Now this. This is cool. Remember when the 90?s were all about how “rad” everything was? Well it doesn’t get much radder than this. It‘s a kid chilling with a dinosaur. Timmy’s a happy kid. He’s got on a backwards cap, rockin’ to some radical tunes on his headphones, messy shoes, his pants pulled up high, like he’s expecting a flood, and he’s sitting on a skateboard. Not riding a skateboard, just sitting on it. Timmy is the epitome of the 90?s: it’s the whole decade, all wrapped up in one little boy. That sounded weird…


But it gets even MORE gnarly: he’s giving a thumbs up to a dinosaur. He’s giving a thumbs up to a DINOSAUR. I am jealous of this kid. I wish I was tubular just like him. The dinosaur is pretty awesome too; look at his jacket! It’s purple! He’s just casually leaning back, rockin’ some huge ass shoes. That dinosaur is pretty happy to see him, too. Oh god, the dinosaur is a pedophile; a pedosaurus. What are they doing anyway? “Oh hey, Timmy, how was your day?” “Oh, it was normal, just hung out with a dinosaur in the middle of a freaking desert.”



Dino City was released in 1992, exclusively for the Super Nintendo. It’s loosely based off of the movie Adventures in Dinosaur City. It borrows some of the same characters and such, and in that respect, the game doesn’t sound too bad. The game is a 2D platformer (think Mario or Sonic) and was actually a good game for the time. Scores went from average to great, but hardly was there ever a terrible review. As you can see from the cover of the movie, it features the same dinosaur, but for some reason, it no longer has Timmy! And what, he’s like floating in midair. The boy is out of place, as usual, but I’m sure both dinosaurs are still pedosauruses.




It’s safe to say that they weren’t trying to be realistic with this cover. But this only leads me to wonder why it’s drawn in a realistic fashion, instead of in a cartoonish manner. Either way, this cover is so awesomely bad. The dinosaur is wearing a purple jacket with zippers, after all. I don’t know why you would wear a jacket in the middle of a desert during the day, but then again, I’m not a dinosaur. I’m sort of torn about this cover; is it awesome or just ridiculously bad? I say it’s radically bad. It’s badical.*





*k, dumb joke is over